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Manuals have emerged as a major tool that helps businesses to disseminate information about products and services (user manuals), standard operational procedures, safety measures, employee training procedures, rules and regulations and several other aspects of a business. Manuals present the end-user with a clear idea of the procedures that need to be followed when working in a business environment or help the end-user to navigate their way around a product or help them to troubleshoot any difficulties that they face with a specific product. Lack of manuals can make an impact on the day-to-day operations as there are no written guidelines that employees can look up and adhere to and oral communication may not be effective as it could create ambiguity. Similarly, absence of product manual would prove to be cumbersome for the organization as they would have to allocate specific resources to handle customer queries. There are different manuals that are created with diverse objectives but irrespective of the type of manual, manual writing can prove to be a challenging task. Manual writing is not only challenging but it can also be a time consuming task. This warrants the need to avail the services of organizations offering professional manual writing services.

A manual that is well written can be the key that ensures that operations within organizations are smooth instead of chaotic and also facilitate customers to get an accurate idea about product features. Guires offers exceptional manual writing services that covers a range of diverse industries and offers manual writing services for several verticals such as; operational manuals, procedure manuals, safety manuals and product manuals.

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Our Approach

Guires understands the specific impact of diverse manuals and adopts a strategic approach that is meticulously designed to meet the objective of each manual. The strategy that we utilize in our approach to extend manual writing services would pertain to getting an in-depth understanding about the type of manual that is required, the intended audience and the specific purpose that it would serve. On the basis of the client’s requirement, we create a rough draft by obtaining a detailed insight into the salient features of the product, the operational or safety procedures, parameters for training. The rough draft is then converted into a fully valid and usable manual by deriving specific inputs from product managers, operation managers and other key stakeholders. Thus, the strategic approach that we deploy in extending manual writing services enables us to create manuals that are precise, accurate and relevant.

Our Offerings

Manual writing services that we offer are diverse and encompass the following

  • Manual writing services that we provide use the appropriate language for instance, when creating technical manuals we opt to use technical terms that the end-user is aware of or when creating software manuals we ensure that the language use can be easily comprehended by a layman or first time users.
  • We extend manual writing services that are organized and structured in sequence. There is a smooth transition from one section to another.
  • We also believe that when manuals are largely content driven, there is a scope for the end-user to lose interest. To retain the interest of the end-user, manual writing services that we offer makes use of graphics or pictorial depictions of the process or provide screenshots that familiarize end-users to particular product features.
  • The manner in which manuals are presented also makes a huge difference. The presentation techniques that we offer in our manual writing services are designed to capture interest of the end-user and make an impact on their minds.
  • We offer an array of manual writing services where we create product manuals, manuals that outline operational and safety procedures, manuals to facilitate in-house training and technical manuals.


  • Software Manuals: We extend software manual writing services where our objective is to offer end-users with a detailed insight into the specific features of the software. Software manuals that we create also enable end-users to troubleshoot any difficulties that they might be facing with the software.
  • Product Manual: We are adept at creating product manuals wherein the key idea is to familiarize the customer with the product specifications, the salient features, the do’s and don’ts while using the product. Product manuals created by us are extensive and encompass all the features that the product has to offer.
  • Quality Manual: Quality manual writing services that we extend are designed as official documents to emphasize how a business deploys quality management initiatives in their operations. Through quality manuals we ensure that the organization’s policy towards quality is clearly outlined. It also emphasizes the objective behind the quality policy while offering in-depth insight into the system that the organization deploys to maintain quality.
  • Employee Training Manual: Employee training manuals that we create are written keeping in mind the need for the organization to facilitate continuous training of their employees with a view to achieve a competitive edge. Employee training manuals created by us outline the basic procedures and the organization’s approach towards training and development.

Guires Advantage

The style of writing adopted by our annual report writing services experts is such that it is at par with international standards.

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  • Specialized Teams: Our team of highly proficient and experienced experts is segregated according to their domain knowledge and industry sectors. Thus, it is ensured that a person creating a quality manual will not be entrusted with the task of creating software manuals.
  • Focus on Objectives: Our expert team of manual writers understands that different manuals have diverse objectives. The focus while creating each manual is to achieve the objective with which the manual is created.
  • Better Resource Utilization: By engaging us for manual writing services, businesses can ensure that their key resources are deployed for tasks they are best suited to execute instead of engaging in activities such as manual writing which may not be their forte.
  • Timely Delivery: Regardless of the complexity involved in manual writing, we ensure that we provide manual writing services that adhere to timelines thus facilitating businesses to maintain their schedules related to training or product release.


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